5 Ways of Losing a Home Sale

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There have been considerable changes in the real estate industry thus proving that time changes everything.

Looking back to 2007, home buyers were practically begging to purchase your house. It almost became a bidding war in many parts of the country where many homeowners received more than the asking price.

Fast forward to today some six years later. Once again things have changed. When the dreaded real estate bubble burst and foreclosures seem to be a fast growing financial disease, buyers now seem to have the upper hand.

You would assume that this group would be buying everything in site at their price right? Wrong. Instead of buying, they have decided to wait, somehow convinced that housing prices will continue to drop to their advantage.

So, what should a seller do? What game plan should they have in place to regain the ability to sell their house for the price or close to the price they’re asking for?

Research shows us that there can be 5 things that could cost you a house sale. Yes, avoid these at all costs.


1. A Dirty House

The majority of real estate agents will readily agree that nothing can cause the loss of selling your home quicker than having a dirty looking house.

Simple things that are a must would be steam cleaning your carpet and the grout in your tile to possibly replacing your old, smelly carpeting.

Keep in mind that you home needs to be kept clean and free from dirt. If you have pets, you have no choice but to make sure the house smells clean and there are no traces of pet debris on the carpets.

Imagine visiting someone’s home and you find that the carpet was dirty or the kitchen smelled due to trash or an untidy garbage disposal in the sink. How would this make you feel? Sick to your stomach?

That’s exactly how a stranger will feel if your home is in this unacceptable state when trying to sell it.


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2. Odors, odors everywhere

Let’s touch a little more on the subject of unpleasant smells. You want to make a great initial experience to the buyer by making sure your home has a refreshing and inviting odor.

They are a big factor when it comes to having a pleasant home experience. Take it from me, I many times buy with my nose.

Therefore, let’s start with a bad odor that the house must not have and you smokers know what I’m talking about. Try to fill your house with a pleasant aroma. Perhaps opening up the windows to let your house air out could possibly help in a big way.

But make sure you absolutely remove all ash trays. In addition, having your carpets and furniture professionally cleaned should be a priority on your list.

Other common mistakes made are cooking or frying foods right before a house showing or thinking that a slight pet odor makes their house homey. So, remember, you may love your pet but not everyone has one.

Most agents will quickly tell their clients to remove all pet items such as dishes and litter boxes keeping them out of view. People naturally wonder what have these pets done to the carpeting, floors or walls which can be an immediately turn off.


3. Misrepresenting your home

Just don’t do it. Some homeowners have misrepresented their homes online in the multiple listing service (MLS) and I must warn you again, don’t go this route.

This will make a potential buyer and their agent extremely upset and the showing will not be a good experience for anyone involved in this possible sale.

Photos can be deceiving not really showing the whole story of the house or nearby properties and their fallacies. Just make sure your photo helps to sell your house and not raise objectionable surprises when the buyer and agent arrives.


4. Keep your house clutter free

There are many things you can do to make your house look less cluttered. One agent said make sure your closets are half-full with nothing on the floor. This will make the potential buyer think wow they’ll have more room at this new house which is a good sign.

If your home has a home office, make sure it has a simple, generic look where anyone in any profession can comfortably work at home.

As far as kitchens are concerned, try to have a look of spaciousness on the counter which will make your kitchen very enticing to the buyer. You can do this by having less than three small appliances on the counter.

For families with children, try to do your best to have none of their items cluttering the floor. Some parents have even had a basket at their disposal and have thrown toddler toys into it and then put the basket in the trunk of the car to get it out of site momentarily. Do whatever works to give that nice, clean look.


5. How’s your curb appeal

Do you have a good or poor curb appeal? This will definitely leave a lasting and somewhat critical impression on the house in question when it comes time for the buyer to decide whether to purchase or not to purchase your home.

Then there’s your yard to contend with and it has to be done. Either do this yourself or hire a professional but make absolute sure you trim and edge your yard along with mulching the beds and trim any trees you have on your property.

And last, you will probably want to power-wash the exterior of your house to remove natural elements that have accumulated over the years. Not doing this may cost you a quick home sale.

Above all else, pay attention to the little details and hopefully you will have a successful selling experience for you, your family and your agent.


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